Fostering Partnerships


Incorporated in Singapore with a subsidiary in Pakistan, AGVEN Private Limited is a Fertilizer, Sugar, Wheat and other Agricultural commodities Import and Distribution Company. AGVEN is also involved in the import and marketing of specialised water soluble plant nutrients. AGVEN recognises the vast potential which Pakistan and similar markets have to offer for efficient import based Distribution businesses. AGVEN’s principal strength is its unique link between the international producer and the end-user.

AGVEN operates its own logistics in Pakistan to cater for imports handling and the distribution of products across Pakistan. The company has the ability to handle large volumes of bulk commodity imports and distribution. AGVEN sources its products from multiple international producers and suppliers.

The company is managed by a passionate team of highly experienced professionals who believe in the immense ability of the farmer and the consumer to progress and prosper through high quality service and products.

The company has already introduced its fertilisers under the ‘Vah’ and ‘Khas’ brands in Pakistan and plans to grow these rapidly. AGVEN has also been involved in the sales of DAP fertiliser through transit trade.

Our Vision

Fostering partnerships with all stakeholders through trust & reliability.

Our Mission

Continue to grow as an importer of all fertilisers and enhance brand image to further grow market share. Take advantage of opportunities in fertilisers and other products.

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Trust
  • Respect
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